Our company is protecting the environment throughout the entire work process.


We are using printing plates with Eco Green technology by the Fuji company in the preparation of panels. Machines for developing panels are computerized, connected in a network and use a special developing solution that enables very precise dosing and monitoring. The waste developing solution is cleaned in a filtration system, before being taken away, and this ensures that the amount of waste developing solution splits to 1/3 of concentrated sludge and 2/3 of distilled water, which is reused in the printing process.


We use ecological colours from a German manufacturer in our printing process, and they are made from environmentally friendly ingredients, which is why waste colours and their packaging does not pollute the environment. 
When washing machines, we use the distilled water that has been previously collected during panel developing. During winter, the heat produced by the auxiliary power units of printing machines on the technical premises is directed into the ventilation system, which reduces our use of fossil fuels for heating the entire building.
Cloths, used for cleaning our machines, are returned to the supplier after being used. There they are ecologically washed and returned to circulation.


All paper waste that is produced in the finishing process is sorted and sent to recycling.

FSC® Certificate

Evrografis tiskarna certifikat FSC

BIO inks Certificate

Evrografis tiskarna certifikat bio barve

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