2x CTP FUJI Luxel T-7800CTP (42 pl/h)

In preparation for printing, we use the latest machines(B1 FUJI Luxel T-7800CTP with automatic loading) and software, such as such as the Equios Graphic Solutions for electronic assembly, Adobe Software, Pit Stop,  and a high quality printer for producing proof prints.

For printing forms, we use CTP technology (Computer to Plate), to create a maximum B1 format pressing plate (1000x700 mm) without using a film, thus providing the best possible quality and speed, and as a result we avoid various mistakes that may occur during film fabrication and subsequent manual installation.

We are also equipped with CIP 3 software and machinery, which enables us to transfer data on colour settings from PDF files to printing machines.


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Tiskarna EvroGrafis Maribor - We print!

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