Panicking in December is unnecessary. We at the printing house are pondering over calendars in May, that is why, long before the new year, we are ready to make different calendar types:

  • pocket,
  • table
  • or wall calendar.

Quite a few we have ready, waiting only to imprint a logo of our costumer.

We have calendars that:

  • are printed on different types of paper or cardboard,
  • are wired or spiralled together,
  • are in different formats,
  • are printed in one or more colors,
  • have an already printed cover (or is possibly waiting for cover proposal by our costumer)
  • have liner board (or not),
  • are in protective bag or cardboard packaging.

It may be time to decide for our own calendar. Those are the most beautiful. They invite smiles on faces of those who are given our calendar. Calendar is a personal gift.



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