In Evrografis we gave on 01.10.2017 into production a Hardcover – Bookbinding line - Sigloch-Kolbus BF 512.

We can produce high quality hardcover books in this sizes:

  • Max book block: 297 x 350 x 70 mm
  • Min book block: 105 x 148 x 3 mm
  • Max book with board: 303 x 356 x 76 mm
  • Min book with board: 111 x 154  x 7 mm.

How to reduce the cost of printing in the company?

Use environmentally friendly materials
Choose the size of the printed materials to optimize the standard paper size
Customize paragraphs and spacing of paragraphs in documents and font size
Duplex printing in publications and books
Print only what you really need

The Evrografis company recently became the recipient of the international FSC® certificate and we take great pride in that, since this certificate totally complies with our view and responsibility towards the environment. FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization that promotes sustainable use of humanity's greatest treasure, the forests. As printers, we are directly connected to the forest, to wood and trees, and we are aware of our big part in this! We wish to leave an intact planet to our descendants, which is why we think sustainable and long-term, and take joy in knowing that from now on, we also have official confirmation of our intentions.

Greater productivity, fewer complaints – thanks to a better light!
Care for the environment was extremely important for us from the start of our printing activities back in the 90s. We care about what kind of planet we will leave to our descendants and believe that every individual can contribute to this effort. Luckily the ecological awareness is growing and "forces" people to find new and innovative solutions – and we at the company Evrografis have gladly used one of those solutions.

What would we do without the light?

Printers are sewing too! It is not a joke.
Do you not believe it? It’s true! But unlike seamstresses and tailors we are sewing paper into brochures, books and book blocks and use spirals and glue instead of a thread. In order to make our work easier, in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we afforded ourselves two gifts: we already wrote about the master of speed last time and today we are going to present the new printer tailor, the top machine Aster EVO.

We can easily print a few thousand pages per hour!
Just before the New Year and completely fresh: a collection of our printing machines was enriched by another great machine, i.e. Heidelberg SM 52-5P printing machine. We know that this name does not say a lot to a non-professional, but believe us, it is one of the brands that has a high reputation in the printing world. It is not called SM – Speed Master for nothing, because it can print up to 15,000 pages per hour!

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