Wire-o book printing

Wire-o binding is most often used by companies when they wish to present their products and services in a practical and elegant manner.

Practicality of such binding is clear at various business fairs or meetings, when we want to quickly and easily expose a certain page or product, since it’s simple and easy to turn a Wire-o-bound catalogue by 360 degrees. We can repeat this multiple times without damaging the printed matter, as well as quickly and simply remove a certain page. The cover in wire-o binding may be soft or hard. A hard cover is made of cardboard and has additional coating, while a soft cover has slightly thicker paper and is usually laminated.

Information required in an enquiry

State how many books you wish to print.

When stating the format, please specify whether it’s a portrait or landscape.
In the EU, we usually state formats in the following fashion: Width x Height. Example: 210 x 297 mm (portrait A4 format).

The English use their own method for naming the format: Height x Width (reverse), this is why it is important to also state if it’s a portrait or landscape in words.

If you want the most cost-effective offer, it is best that the number of pages is dividable by 32 or 16 (interior pages, without the cover).
When calculating, consider that one sheet represents two pages (front and back).

Scope: 128 pages + 4 cover pages 

In a wire-o-bound cover, we require:
– Stating the print of the cover: Do we use CMYK or Pantone colours and how many? With coating, customers also decide on different laminations (Matt, Gloss, Soft-touch, etc.). Here we also state any additional requirements, such as partial UV varnish, blind printing, foil printing, etc.
– Choosing the material: which paper/cardboard to use for the cover. In wire-o binding, we usually go for cardboard and we offer 3 different thicknesses: 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 2.5 mm.
Cover print: 4/0 + 1/0 matt laminating
Cover material: 150-g Gloss coating paper
Cardboard: 2 mm

Regarding the book block, we require:
– Stating the print of the book block: Do we do both-sided print (1/1) or colour CMYK print (4/4). We can also use a combination of CMYK and Pantone colours.
– Choosing the material for the book block: There is an extremely wide array of paper on the market. There are classic papers for the inside, such as Silk, Gloss, uncoated offset paper and other more exotic papers. To prepare an offer, we mainly require the type of paper and its weight (in grams).

Interior print: 4/4 CMYK
Interior material: 150-g Silk paper

State whether the book has a flat/round back, if you want a capital ribbon (+ colour), if we add a bookmark ribbon (+ width and colour) and other potential details/additions. 

Packaging is also available in different options: directly in boxes, PVC vacuum-packaging and similar.

Printed matter may be picked up (Ex works), but we also organize transportation, if needed.

How may we be of assistance?

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