You can upload files that are too large to be sent by email (over 15 MB) on our FTP server at: ftp.grafis.si

If you do not have your access data yet, write to us on the email address of our manager of this client + info@evrografis.si and we will send you your user name and password.

How do I access the FTP server?
You access the FTP server with a dedicated programme such as Filezilla or simply a browser. Copy this address into the address bar: ftp://ftp.grafis.si/. A window will pop up for you to insert your user name and password.

We receive file delivery notification on our FTP server, but still recommend that after you finish the data transfer, you notify us which user name you used and in which folder you stored your files and, naturally, the name of this file; e.g. username/folder

Please email us other information that is required for project implementation ‐ number of the offer (if one was assigned), otherwise the format, colours, number of copies, on which material, etc.

Instructions on preparing PDF files for offset or digital printing

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