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In ancient Rome, important announcements and news were carved in stone and placed on a public spot to inform citizens on important events. Later, on European soil, the need for spreading information and cross-border interaction increased, which is why hand-written newspapers gradually came to be. One of the first trace of a hand-written newspaper in Europe comes from Venice in 1556 – the monthly “Notizie Scritte”. Such papers were used to spread political, military and economy news and although they were not intended for the general public, they do represent the origin of printed matter, which in time greatly affected the development of human kind.

What is good to know before printing newspapers?

Choice of paper, printing and binding

We offer several types of paper. You may choose between uncoated, recycled (improved V-print) or coated paper.

Choose between multi-colour and single-colour technique.

We saddle stich your newspaper with a wire or fold it to the final format.

Quantities, bindings and formats

We are suitable for quantities between 500 and 20,000 pieces. 

You may choose between an A3 or A4 final format.

Information required in an enquiry

With quantity, you state how many newspapers you wish to print.

When stating the format, please specify whether it’s a portrait or landscape.
In the EU, we usually state formats in the following fashion: Width x Height. Example: 210 x 297 mm (portrait A4 format).

The English use their own method for naming the format: Height x Width (reverse), this is why it is important to also state if it’s a portrait or landscape in words.

If you want the most cost-effective offer, it is best that the number of pages is dividable by 32 or 16 (interior pages, without the cover).
When calculating, consider that one sheet represents two pages (front and back).

Scope: 64 pages + 4 cover pages 

Define the paper for printing your newspaper.

Example: 70-g V-print.     

Determine packaging.      

Example: directly on pallets.

Printed matter may be picked up (Ex works), but we also organize transportation, if needed.

How may we be of assistance?

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