Flyer printing

When to print a flyer?

We decide to print a flyer, when we want the fastest (but still classic) way of personally handing out material (in magazines, behind wipers, on the street or at points of sale, etc.) to communicate important information about our current offer. It has a short lifespan, but quality execution is by far unimportant. We may use digital printing for smaller quantities and offset printing for larger quantities.

What is good to know before printing a flyer

Price of printing flyers

The price of printing flyers depends on the quantity and format. In larger quantities, the price of a single piece lowers.

It also depends on whether we use digital printing (more affordable in smaller quantities) or offset printing (more affordable in larger quantities).

Popular flyer formats​

Popular flyer formats are mainly: A3, A4, A5, A6.

You may also choose desired dimensions. 

How to increase appeal and quality of a flyer?​

The appeal and quality of a flyer can be increased with an additional layer of lamination. 
Lamination is a thin film added on the flier after the printing process. It adds robustness, protection and brings a sense of quality.

Information required in an enquiry

With quantity you state how many flyers you wish to print.

When stating the format, please specify whether it’s a portrait or landscape.
In the EU, we usually state formats in the following fashion: Width x Height. Example: 210 x 297 mm (portrait A4 format).

The English use their own method for naming the format: Height x Width (reverse), this is why it is important to also state if it’s a portrait or landscape in words.

Choose the desired paper for your flyer and specify the desired lamination.
Usually, our customers decide on Gloss or Matt coated paper, depending on the desired effect of the flyer.

Determine packing, which is available in different options: directly in boxes, PVC vacuum-packing and similar.

Printed matter may be picked up (Ex works), but we also organize transportation, if needed.

Information required in an enquiry

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