o nas strojiAt Evrografis in Maribor we execute all sorts of printed matter fast and in high-quality: brochures, newspapers, books, magazines, leaflets ... and other printed matters out of paper or cardboard.

At Evrografis we print in the latest offset technology and in one, two, four or more colours. 

Why choose Evrografis Maribor?

Favourable top quality print in different formats and implementations. Top quality print, finishing, fast supply, favourable tariffs, environmentally-friendly company.

Merger of years of experience and fresh ideas.
Products that persuade!

The tradition of Evrografis printing house has been established in the early 90's. Through experience we have developed wide sought qualities in every business: high professionalism and quality, reliability in meeting deadlines and technological qualification. We also keep track and follow modern trends in the printing business.

Evrografis printing house offers a wide range of services and products starting with the idea, through graphic preparation and printing to the shipment of decided products to a given address. 


Electronic communication has enabled the printing business to develop and establish a wide variety services and products that WE PRINT!



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Tiskarna EvroGrafis Maribor - We print!

Puhova ulica 18, SI - 2000 MARIBOR

T: +386 2 608 92 25
F: +386 2 601 85 21